In order to deliver the success you require, Cohesion specializes in serving only certain organizations.  Our best partnerships come with clients whose businesses and organizations are in alignment with the criteria listed below:

  • Welcome outside perspectives.
  • Believe your project will have a significant impact on your organization.
  • Want to share their ideas openly & willingly, with full confidentiality.
  • Commit to utilizing Cohesion’s tracking tools for the life of the project.
  • Commit to collaboration that’s passionate and enthusiastic.
  • Choose to be open to feedback for change… and positive reinforcement.
  • Embrace partnerships with key vendors as vital to your success
  • Yearn to educate, celebrate, delight, inform, recognize, unveil, and / or sell an idea or concept.

What People Ask:


Q: How much will this cost?

A: This depends on what you are looking for, how elaborate or quaint, number of guests and menu etc. We will discuss your requirements and arrive at a pricing structure that works for you and your budget.


Q: Why don’t you have staff?

A: Staff are an asset yes; but being able to bring in expertise based on your budget and needs often allows us to better serve my clients and more specifically address what you see as your vision.


Q: How can you understand my vision?

A: One of my strengths is being visual. After discussing your vision and giving me a mental picture, and sometimes a written one, I will demonstrate my understanding and brainstorm with you to arrive at the physical description of your vision.


Q: What if I don’t like your ideas or we can’t work together?

A: Not every relationship is a perfect fit. If we find we are not on the same page I am happy to try to assist you to make other arrangements, but I am hopeful this is not the case.


Q: Do you only work with hotel and conference centers…what venues have you used before?

A: I have been involved with projects that have had events in various cities and venues.  These include churches, conventions centers, the Las Vegas strip, department stores, shopping malls, fire stations, botanical gardens, hotels and more. I am happy to work with whatever venue you prefer.


Q: Are you compensated by your vendors and partners?

A: My vendor relationships vary as to how we compensate each other. Some prefer to work directly with me, others will work directly with the client. Sometimes it depends on what you want as the client; we are flexible.



Here is a list of the highly talented vendors Cohesion partners with to create world-class events:

Three Sixty Media:


Bea Carlson Photography:


Blue Green Productions:


Xtreame Radio Band: